13th November 2013

Surprised by God

Second of a Series 

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

Before our daughter Lydia was born, my wife and I were keen to attend the antenatal classes run by the National Childbirth Trust. We searched on the Internet and found classes running in the town where we live in October and November 2008, which seemed ideal as our daughter was due on December 14. We applied but were disappointed to learn that the classes were fully booked. They offered us a place in another town, but this wasn’t really a practical option for us. 

Rather frustrated, I prayed about the situation, trusting God to provide a solution. A week later we returned from holiday and I phoned the National Childbirth Trust, hoping they might somehow be able to find space for us on the course we’d applied for. But the answer they gave was totally unexpected: there was actually another course in our own town which did have a spare place and started that very week in early September!  Little did we know that our daughter would be born very prematurely on September 30. But God did, and He provided just what we needed. If we had got the place we originally applied for, the classes wouldn’t even have started before Lydia arrived! 

As it says in Matthew 6:8, God knows what we need before we even ask. He knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). And in His great love God will sometimes surprise us with answers to prayer we haven’t even considered possible. 

Father, thank you so much for all your blessings. Help us to trust you in every situation to provide for our needs in your perfect love. In Jesus’ name we pray.

Study by Simon Williams


simonwilliamsAbout the Author:
Simon Williams is active in the Cambridge Congregation of the Worldwide Church of God.

Local Congregation:
Worldwide Church of God Cambridge
Comberton Village Hall
Green End
CB23 7DY

Meeting time:
Saturday 2:00 pm 

Local Congregational Contact:
Bill Lee
Email:  cambridge@wcg.org.uk

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