18th October 2013

The King’s Government 

And the government will be on his shoulders
Isaiah 9:6 (NIV UK)

When you visit the area of Westminster in central London, you can’t help but be impressed.

History is all around you – the imposing abbey; Big Ben ringing out the time of day; 10 Downing Street and the Horse Guards’ Parade only minutes away; and, of course, the stately Houses of Parliament, from which the nation is governed.

Westminster was not always part of London. Once it was a separate town connected to London by the Strand. Nor was it always where the government was located. It used to be that wherever the king went, his government went with him. It could be in York, Salisbury, Northampton, Winchester or elsewhere: it was the monarch’s choice. It was not until the 1300s that Westminster gradually became the permanent seat of UK government.

If you were to ask a Christian, “where is God’s government?” you might get many answers. “It’s at the throne of God in heaven”, some might say. In the Psalms David imagines God sitting on this throne in heaven and using the earth as somewhere to rest his feet. The imagery suggests that God’s presence and rule extend everywhere: his government knows no bounds.

In Isaiah 9 the prophet explains that God’s government would be invested in Jesus Christ, the Son of God who would be born a human child. All the garments of government are placed on his shoulders – the robes, the chains and offices of state. God would rule, not from a place, but from a person. If we want to be subject to God’s government, we submit to Jesus, and let him rule our hearts and minds.

Jesus is where God’s government is.

Almighty Father, thank you for your sovereignty and for your government through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Study by James Henderson


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