2nd February 2013

Learner Drivers

“And when He had sat down, His disciples came to Him. And He opened His mouth and taught them…”
Matthew 5:1-2 (MKJV)

Learner drivers are taught in dual control cars so that, should it be necessary, the driving instructor can take control of the car. They allow the learner driver to make minor mistakes and errors of judgement from which they can learn, but if they endanger themselves or others the instructor will intervene ~ thankfully!

And so it is on our Christian journey. We’re learner drivers learning to operate not a vehicle but ourselves (our minds and bodies) according not to the rules of the road, but to God’s ways.

We’re learning to be neither ‘boy racers’ (sorry boys!) who seem to think they know it all, charging about like a bull in a china shop and apparently thinking that crashes won’t happen to them; nor like the hesitant little mouse who causes mayhem with their timidity and hesitancy, holding people up and then going when others give up on them and move to overtake. Rather, we’re learning to think like God, to operate like Him.

There is so much to learn that we need a lifetime, as once we have learnt the basics, we find there is wisdom to be learnt along with the finer details. There always seems to be another level of learning, similar to taking the advanced driving test or the HGV test. There’s even a dangerous substances driving test, and also the emergency services have a rapid response course and test to go through.

Maybe it would be helpful if there were special L plates which we could wear so that others would neither expect us to be perfect nor think we consider ourselves perfect!

Dear Father, thank You that You oversee our driving lessons and thank You, Jesus, that You are our Driving Instructor. Please help us to be quick learners as well as patient with other ‘learner drivers’. Thank you.

Study by Ruth Edwards

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