4th January 2013

Close The Door

“…close the door, and pray to your Father”
Matthew 6:6 (NIV UK)

There is so much written about prayer in Christian books and publications, and rightly so. What is prayer? Is it our method of petitioning God? Is it an intimate connection with the divine? Prayer can be viewed in many ways. Personally I see prayer as participation in Christ. We join Christ in his prayer to the Father. It is submitting our will to God’s will through the Spirit, and our expression of communion with the Father, Son and Spirit. It is our becoming one with God and with his purpose.

God is everywhere and, because he is so, we can pray without ceasing. Our whole life can be a continuous conversation with God. No matter where we are, we can pray. Be it walking along the street, driving in the car, sitting watching TV, falling asleep on the pillow, wherever we are and whatever we are doing makes no difference: God is only a prayer away.

Because God is always there, does this mean that we don’t need a concentrated time of prayer? I read recently an article about exercise. It was saying that we should grab little moments of exercise throughout the day, and in this way we could cumulatively gather as much as 20 to 30 minutes of exercise by the time to go to bed. Is prayer like that too? In our busy schedules let’s pray as we go and all those small prayers in between events could add up to a good half an hour a day? Of course we need to seize the moment and talk to God whenever we can.

In the scripture above have you ever noticed how Jesus told his disciples that, having gone into their prayer chamber, they should close the door? It is a beautiful concept. Close out the distractions, let there be time for just God and you. Take the time to bask in his presence. Let your thoughts flow undisturbed as you pour out your heart to your heavenly Father. Find a time and a place away from the hustle and bustle of life, and rest in prayer with God.

This year let’s resolve to pray more. Talk to our Father as we go through the day. God is there at all times.

Also, find the time to close the door. Treasure those dedicated sessions of prayer as we participate in Christ’s fellowship with the Father.

Father, teach us to pray to you whenever and wherever we can, and help us to close the door on all distractions and thus to savour our time with you.  In Jesus’ name.

Study by James Henderson

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