10th November 2012

A Remembrance Day Prayer-With A Difference

“The cross got us to embrace, and that was the end of the hostility.”
Ephesians 2:16 (MSG)

“Let us pray,” the minister mumbled into the microphone. Here we go, I thought, another tired old prayer on Remembrance Day. But this prayer was different.

“Great Father of us all,” he began, his voice rising, “We, your suffering children, come to you in our embarrassment to say how sorry we are for all the death and misery you’ve had to witness for yet another horribly violent year. And here we are on Remembrance Day, sorry yet again that we have to put you through the same old routine. We march, we cry and we pray, and we get terribly serious about the horrors of war and we seek your comfort for the bereaved, but nothing changes. Year after year it’s the same. We never bring you good news, only bad.”

“We think of you shaking your head at our blindness, because you told us how wars happen, but do we see it? You’ve given us warning and wisdom, like a good Father should, but do we heed it? You told us what to do when evil threatens, but have we listened? You told us of powers much greater than ours we could trust in, but have we believed you? You told us you sent your Son to bring us peace, but are we interested? So now you have to watch us shuffle off home for another year, and we’re none the wiser, as usual. And we’ll be back at this time next year too, with more sad stories to tell you – as if you haven’t heard enough of them already.”

“What must it be like to be a Father to children like us? Could we ask you, therefore, to do something for us, that would bring some joy to this day instead? Could you give us the sense this year to go home and read what you wrote about peace and for you, then, to help us understand and believe it, so that next year we can come to you with different stories, of the courage you gave us to try your way, and how surprised we were by its success!”

“Here’s hoping, then, we can bring you some good news in a year’s time as we take up your offer and your challenge to provide real hope that one day peace will reign on this Earth and sadness will no longer be the tired old routine it is today. We ask, dear Father, because we, your struggling children, are in desperate need of help.”

Dear Father, you’ve given us the chance to make your way of peace real to people, in our families, our churches, and wherever we meet and work with others. It’s an amazing light you’re shining through us!

Study by Jonathan Buck 

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