18th September 2012

He Is Preparing A Place For Us–Now!

“And if I’m on my way to get your room ready, I’ll come back and get you so you can live where I live.”
John 14:3 (MSG)

All of us who are parents know about the excitement of preparing a place for our children. Months before they are born we paint walls, get a new carpet laid, purchase a cot and blankets, we even put stickers on the walls. All this to welcome our newborn children, and during those weeks and months before the actual birth we take great pains to get it just right.

So, if we as frail humans are so excited and active in order to make this room ready and as perfect as we can get it for our offspring, just think about how much more excited and active Jesus is to fulfil his promise to us to get our room ready! He really wants us to live where he is. His great love for all of us is so overwhelming that he is on tenterhooks anticipating that time when He will come to collect us and take us to that place where our room has been prepared. But the question is, are we looking forward to it as much as he is? Do we think about it, do we get excited and do we try to envision just what it will be like in our limited human way?

But you know, whatever visions we might have of that place, it is going to be so superior to anything we can conjure up. It will be so amazing that it will blow us away because, after all, this is our great God pouring out his love and blessings upon his children by preparing this special place for us in order that we might live with him.

As Jesus told us, at this precise time in history he is actively working on our next abode. An amazing place where we will live with him—forever! This, of course means walking and talking with him as Adam did; it means enjoying his company, laughing and exchanging thoughts and ideas; but above all; I think we will spend an awful lot of time just expressing our love for him and our thankfulness for what he has done for us!

Lord, please accept our humble thanks for all you have given us and for all that you will give us in the future. A glorious time spent with you in your kingdom of light, peace and joy—forever.

Study by Cliff Neill

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