13th July 2012

The Father Carries Us

“The Lord your God carried you as a man carries his son.”
Deuteronomy 1:31 (NKJV)

The other day I watched my son-in-law carry my three-year-old granddaughter on his shoulders. He smiled with pleasure as he did so. She beamed with excitement as she looked around from her new vantage point.

God’s attentive love for his people is compared to a father who carries his child. As the Israelites travelled through the rough places of the wilderness, God eased their way. He was like as a protective father who might lift his daughter or son into his arms to pass through a thorny thicket or to wade through a rushing torrent. The Israelites had encountered hard times, most of them of their own making. God, however, was with them throughout all their difficulties. Figuratively He held them high on His shoulders so they could see the way ahead.

There is a parallel for us today. We may not like to admit that we create or contribute to many of our own crises and problems. But, let’s be honest, we do. Jesus, who is God made flesh and who dwells among us through His Spirit, is with us constantly. He is there when all is well and when all is not well. He lifts us into his arms to comfort and protect us. He raises us above our troubles as He places us on His shoulders. He gives us confidence and hope as we journey on.

There is a warning in the next verse in Deuteronomy. The Israelites became so complacent about God’s being with them that they ceased to appreciate Him. “Yet”, Moses said to them, “for all that, you did not believe the Lord your God” (v. 32). They complained about what they did not have instead of focussing positively on what they did have. God’s presence no longer mattered to them. It no longer made a difference to their outlook on life. Let’s be careful not to fall into that state of mind. Thankfully, even then, through Jesus, our Father helps our unbelief whenever we doubt or become complacent. He picks us up and renews our strength and vision.

Our loving Father, the great God, carries us each and every day.

Heavenly Father, thank you holding me up, for carrying me lovingly in your arms.  In Jesus’ name

Study by James Henderson

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