22nd June 2012

God Has Personal Time For Us

“He does not treat us as our sins deserve…”
Psalm 103:10 (NIV UK)

When you are in hospital there is nothing more re-assuring than an attentive and caring nurse. It is comforting when the nurse remembers your name and when he or she spends personal time with you.

Not too long ago the nursing scene used to be very different in the UK. Patients were referred to more often by their medical condition, not by their name. For example, one could be the appendix in bed 9 or the leg amputee in bed 6. We can thank the late Lady Jean McFarlane for a new personal approach to patients as well as for many other advances in the nursing profession. Jean was a committed Christian as well as a pioneering, dedicated nurse. She was England’s first professor of nursing, and did much to promote nursing as a caring profession. She encouraged nurses (and doctors!) to treat patients in a more personal way.

Sometimes, of course, most of us categorize people according to their faults. We see others as problems in need of solving, not as individuals in need of care.

Psalm 103 is a reflection on how “the Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love” (v.8).  God is not impersonal towards us. He does not look at where we live and think of us as the liar in number 9 or the thief in flat 62! He does not treat us according to our sins. Rather he remembers us “for he knows how we are formed” (v.14).  The ministry of Jesus illustrates these ideas. He had personal time for people, and called them by their name. Jesus still does the same today for us.

Let’s treat others in a caring and personal way, and be thankful to our compassionate and loving Father.

Heavenly Father, thank you that you do not treat us according to our sins. Help us through the Spirit to be more like Jesus, who shows compassion to all.

Study by James Henderson 

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