23rd April 2012


 “Love is kind and patient.”
1 Corinthians 13:4 (NLT)

The passage above always fills me with great joy and happiness, and is one of my favourite scriptures.

My daughter Shannon often writes on pieces of paper in the shape of a little heart saying, ‘I love my dad, I love my mum, and I love Chloe and her friend Holly.’ Sometimes she includes other people also.

When she gives it to me and my wife, we smile and our hearts melt at such a small but important and kind gesture.  I have a copy in my Bible and in my wall box at home.  What joy and love a few words can give – words that are so powerful and sincere.

I think if we love one another more, and love people for what they are, we will be in good spirit.  Love coincides with peace and happiness, and good to all.

We must love God at all times, even when things don’t always go our way, knowing our Saviour died in love for us.  That love is a gift from God.

‘Maybe tell someone that you love them today?’

Dear God, thank you for the love you give to us in our daily lives.  We are so grateful for the spirit of love we can give to one another.  You are truly a loving creator.

Study by James Esom

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