20th April 2012

Bring Them Water

“But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life”
John 4:14 (NLT)

In many parts of the usually rainy UK people are concerned about water. Reservoir levels are low. The famous English country gardens as well as agricultural crops are threatened. There just has not been enough rain. 

Water is a life-giving source. Of course many countries are in a much worse state than the UK. Drought has led to food shortages and famine. We need water. 

Jesus likens the gift of the Holy Spirit to water. Jesus explains that, because we accept his “living water” (4:10), his Spirit within us becomes a fountain of water that springs up to eternal benefit. 

Have you ever been by the source of a stream of water? It’s a fantastic experience. The New Living Translation above tells us that the Spirit within us becomes a “fresh, bubbling spring”. Such a spring of water prevents everything in and around it from drying up. 

Spiritually speaking the UK and many other nations are drying up. We have been led to wells of philosophy and ethics where there is no water that brings life. Imagine being in a dry desert without realizing that there is water all around us. That’s what many people are like. They thirst and do not know that God’s Spirit is everywhere. 

To those who thirst spiritually we Christians can bring water. They don’t have to find it all by themselves. Jesus may come to them through us. They can then drink of his water, and they, like us, can have that fresh, bubbling spring of the Spirit within them. 

Let’s share the living water with others. 

Jesus, it is so exciting to have you dwell within us. Thank you for the Spirit who refreshes us continuously, and for the opportunity to share your living water with others. In Jesus’ name.

Study by James Henderson

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