30th December 2011

Was Jesus Just For Christmas?

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever”
Hebrews 13:8 (NIV UK)

Maybe you have seen the car sticker, “A dog is not just for Christmas!”. The reference is to how some people may buy a pup as a present, only for it to be abandoned in the New Year.

Jesus, of course, is not a pet, although sometimes we treat him as if he was. Perhaps we want to throw him out after the season. Or, we may choose to put him away until needed again. Do we fetch him when we need comforting or want a guard dog in difficult times? Let’s bring him out at Christmas or at Easter or for special events. It’s fine as long as he is good and behaves. He can look happy or sad with those big, brown eyes. He can bark a little off and on, but not too loudly. He certainly better not bite. If he is too annoying, throw him a bone to keep him quiet. And, when we’ve had enough of him, put him back in the kennels or give him away if anyone will take him. Put him back in the box with the Christmas decorations until next year.

The spiritual reality is that we belong to Jesus. He does not bring us out just when he feels like it or whenever the occasion demands. He does not abandon us or store us away somewhere should we become boring, irritating or too much effort. He bought us for a great price – his life – and he will never give us away, leave us or ignore us.

Mentally and emotionally we may try to put Jesus away, at least until next Christmas. Spiritually he never puts us away. And, whether we like it or not, Jesus is everywhere and for every time. He just doesn’t leave.

Jesus is for ever.

Thank you for Jesus, who is for all seasons of our life, and who never neglects nor abandons us.

James Henderson

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