24th October 2011

Parable of the Children

“His Lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.  Enter into the joy of your lord.’”
Matthew 25:23 (NKJV)

I was reading the parable of the talents recently and thinking about the precious children God gives to us.  They are really his children entrusted to our care and could be likened to the talents in the parable.  Here is my revised version:

One day a rich man who owned an orphanage had to travel a great distance. He had many children in his care that were very precious to him. He could not take the children with him so he gave them to some trusted friends who had dearly wanted children but had none of their own.  He gave them the number of children that they could financially and securely manage. Also giving them some basic instructions.

To the first family he gave 5 children. Immediately, he and his wife taught the children well. Paying attention to their education and teaching them the way to live that was pleasing to God.  Within a few years the children grew strong and healthy and were a credit to their new found parents.

The second family he gave two children.  Immediately, they followed the rich man’s instructions  The children grew into strong, obedient and healthy citizens so that the parents grew proud of them.

The third family was entrusted with one precious child.  This friend and his wife did not follow the instructions of the wise man, but chose to leave the child much to himself.  They planted him in front of the television and computer.  Despite complaints, they left him to his own devices, and the child ended up unruly and unable to discern right from wrong.

When the rich man returned he was eager to see his children and how they had developed in life. He approached the first and second families and before him stood 7 children who had learnt to obey God and respect their elders.  He decided they would be leaders in the community. He then sought out the third family and asked what had happened in his absence. The friend stated that the rich man had given him and his wife a child who was stubborn, selfish  and not willing to listen to instruction.

The rich man became very angry and reminded them of the instruction that he left to be followed. He asked him why he had robbed him of one of the future leaders in the community. The man replied that the instructions were too hard and time consuming and he didn’t have time to put them into practice.  The rich man took the child away from them amongst much tears and left him in the care of the first friend who taught the child correctly.  This young person later also became a leader in the community.

Heavenly Father, help us to take the care of all of your children seriously as we endeavour with your help to love them and teach them the Way that leads to peace, happiness and eternal life.

Study by Alberta Gibbs

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