13th September 2011

Love Never Ends

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”
1 John 4:8 (NCV)

Sunday marked the 10th Anniversary of the terrorist attack on the twin towers in New York.  There were moving ceremonies to mark the occasion.  President Obama commented that  “the world came together as one”, and said he was touched that the UK honoured the victims again, including “breaking with protocol and flying the Union Flag at half-mast at its ­embassy and consulates in the United States.”  There have been, and continue to be, documentaries and coverage in the media of the events of that fateful day. 

The passengers on the third 9/11 plane were given the opportunity, before the inevitable fate that awaited them, to use their mobile phones to send a last message.  This they did, and many of these messages have been made public by their families.  Not one that I have seen wasted precious time consigning the hijackers to rot in hell, or expressed fear or horror at what lay ahead.  All of their messages were messages of love—“I love you, honey”, “Kiss the kids for me”, “Johnny, look after your Mom”. 

Right at the heart of evil and violence, we had yet another testimony to the truth that love always wins.  It is the true story of redemption, the message of a cross and an empty tomb.  In Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 11, without love everything is meaningless, and even when everything else comes to an end, “love never ends”.  

Loving Father, help us that our lives should be marked by love for Christ and others, not obsession with self.

Study by Lipi Tando Mhlope

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