27th July 2011

Well I Never!

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”
Colossians 4:6 (NIV)

Recently, a much-loved Aunt of mine died – she was called Betty. She came from Wales and her lilting voice will linger long in my memory.  She was a Christian lady who devoutly believed in her Saviour.  She had been ill for a long time and knew that she was dying.  She told everyone that she would go when Jesus decided the time was right for her. Thanks to God’s mercy she died peacefully and with dignity.  I have many happy memories of Betty and her many expressions.  I can see Auntie Betty in my mind’s eye wearing her floral apron, hands on her hips, declaring her favourite expression in that lovely welsh accent, “Well I never – would you believe it?” It was something straight out of Dylan Thomas.  ‘It’ didn’t have to be anything amazing or scandalous – she found life stimulating and wonderful, and that was her trademark response.

Auntie Betty’s faith was resolute.  From an early age she accepted Jesus as her Saviour and friend.  She talked about Jesus as if He were a boarder in her home. In a way He was – she exemplified Him in her life. As in the header scripture, Colossians 4:6, her conversations were uplifting and enriching.  It is good to think that, just as he promised, He has not left her and she is in His loving care. (Hebrews13:5).

It is a wonderful comfort to know that our Saviour will never abandon us even, and especially at, the point of death (Matthew 28:20).  Not only that, but she now has the most wonderful environment—glory!  The descriptions of glory in Revelation 21:2 are amazing.  I can hear her now “Well I never – would you believe it?”  She did, and her reward is bountiful as well as beautiful.

Thank you, Father, for giving us the certain hope of eternal life through the resurrection of your Son and our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  This is the comfort we hold on to when we lose a loved one and we are deeply grateful for it.  It is our future with you.

Study by Irene Wilson

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