13th July 2011

The Silence Of The Lamb

“Now we know that whatever the law says, it says to those who are under the law, so that every mouth may be silenced and the whole world held accountable to God.”
Romans 3:19 (NIV)

From  world leaders to ‘celebrity’ footballers, the courts seem to brim over with cases using the ‘gagging law’.  On one side we have the media prising the lids off  people’s private lives in order to create a scandalous story, and on the other we have the same celebrities trying to silence the press.  The principal beneficiaries are lawyers and media in the centre of the fray.  The fracas created dominates news bulletins and negatively influences our lives.  I find myself  weary for silence on the subject.

The activities of popular individuals, whether they are politicians, actors, media personalities or footballers, make the headlines. Sadly, their deeds are seldom heroic – thus they strive to muzzle the media.  Today our ‘celebrities’ are often drunks and drug addicts, leading lecherous lives.  These individuals are presented by the powerful media as role models for future generations.  It is true that famous names in the past have been guilty of such habits—artists, poets, politicians, military leaders etc.  They were forgiven their lifestyle because of their other attributes.  Thankfully, we are the judge of no-one – we will all answer for our own wrong deeds if we don’t repent of them.  They are not heroes. Heroes or heroines are defined by their display of courage and the will for self-sacrifice, not selfish desire.  The Bible tells us what selfish desires lead to in Galatians 5:19-20.

Today, and throughout history, we have had many brave people who have served their fellow man, often at the cost of their own lives.  They are the unsung heroes of humanity – without recognition of their achievement or sacrifice.  There is a definite need to silence the shame so overt today.  In truth, our souls cry out for news of heroes.

The measure of heroism is God’s word.  The Bible is full of people who sacrificed for others.  The ultimate and supreme example is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He gave up magnificent glory to live and die on earth for us.  No-one has equalled this level of heroism.  Like other heroes, He played the heroism of His actions down – giving all credit to His Father in heaven.  There was no reward for His actions from His fellow man—He suffered all the cruelty and abuse that mankind could throw at Him.  His reward came when He returned to the Father and sat at the right hand of God.

Christians are the antithesis of the gagging law, giving praise to the One who saved them from their sins and gave instead, wonderful, joyous eternal life.  Our Saviour has given mankind grace! We declare this wherever we can—it is our purpose in life.  He is our role model and soon coming King.  Under His rule, gagging laws and the need for them will be erased.  He will silence the nations—bringing them into submission to God’s perfect will.  Christ will bring His reward for those whose acts have been heroic in small and great ways—He knows the deeds carried out in secret (Matthew 6:4).

We are blessed indeed to have a book of heroism preserved over the centuries giving testimony today.  Christ urges us to become like our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:48).   Our heroism can be in small gestures of kindness or brave words of witness—whatever opportunity the Father sends.  We are given the power by the Holy Spirit to become like the Saviour—to ultimately receive the reward of a hero and to witness the nations experiencing the silence of the Lamb! (Psalm 63:11).

Jesus, thank you for the promise of your coming to rescue the world from itself.  We pray for the day when the nations will bend the knee to you and give homage.

Study by Irene Wilson

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