23rd June 2011

Trust The Pilot

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 1:6 (NIV)

Who doesn’t enjoy going on holiday? I do and I like guaranteed sun, so we usually fly to a sunnier part of the world than England. But the snag is I am not a comfortable flier. To me it always seems a most unnatural thing to do. It amazes me that something the size of a Jumbo Jet can actually fly. It seems incredible that I can sit in this little (in relation to the size of the sky) tube and fly at 35,000 feet—and in a few hours be in a totally different part of the world. Even more unreal is that I can sit there and eat a meal, watch a film or listen to music, while going at 500 plus miles per hour. Also, one cloud looks pretty much the same as another. So I have no way of knowing  if we are flying the right route, but I am confident we will end up at the right destination.

I know all the statistics about the safety of flying and the laws of aerodynamics that enable a plane to fly, but deep inside I still feel nervous about flying. It seems to me all you can do is to trust the pilot. I know many other people are involved in the design, manufacture and maintenance of the plane, who all have an important role to play, but when that plane roars down the runway and soars into the air, the pilot becomes the most important person! So I calm myself with the knowledge that he or she has been carefully selected, carefully trained and is just as keen as I am to land back safely on solid ground!

I know many people would regard my concerns as foolish, and flying as a totally normal activity—no more exciting or dangerous than jumping on a bus.  I envy them their calm and relaxed approach. Perhaps they are better than I at simply trusting the pilot.

It seems to me that there are parallels with our lives as Christians. Some people are uncertain about their Christian journey, and perhaps have to fight their doubts and fears. It seems amazing that in this huge world God is concerned and involved with us as individuals. Perhaps it seems unreal that as we live our ordinary lives, going about our mundane normal routines, we are flying towards an eternal relationship with God. The route may seem unclear to us, yet we can have absolute faith that our pilot, Jesus Christ, will ensure that we arrive at our destination. Christ is with us all of the way and will deliver us from all the trials and problems we face in this complex uncertain world.

Our pilot, Jesus Christ, has been on the journey for us. He understands our humanity and the doubts and fears that can sometimes flow from that. He is with us when we are confident in our faith and when we are uncertain. He so deeply loves us that he stands before God in our place, having paid the penalty for our sins. As with Abraham, righteousness is imputed to us because we have faith in Christ, therefore we need have no fear of failure.

All we have to do is Trust the Pilot.

Father, help us to trust our Lord and Saviour completely, and give us the faith we need to overcome any of our doubts and fears.

Study by Keith Hartrick

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One Response to “23rd June 2011”

  1. John Magowan on June 23rd, 2011 9:35 am

    To pardon the pun, thank you for your very ‘down to earth’ approach to flying, Keith. Flying is an exciting thing for many of us, but landing safely on terra firma is always a comforting experience. The analogy of Christ being our pilot through life’s ‘ups and downs’ was most appropriate. Thank you for the article.

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