12th February 2011

Quiet Room

“…when thou prayest, enter into thy closet…”
Matthew 6:6 (KJV)

It was still early, and I arrived on a cold morning into the welcoming warmth of the airport.

I had not had a chance to pray so I went to the quiet room, for which there was only one sign. Plenty for the toilets and “to the shops”, but only one for the quiet room. It was freezing! It seemed that the only place in the airport that had not been heated was where you could pray, study and reflect. Typical, I thought. Probably the least used area in the airport.

The 1611 Authorized version of the Bible talks curiously of people who go into their closet to pray. Our closets at home are so stuffed full of things that there is little space for even a tiny timid mouse to build a nest. By closet, it means where you can be alone, unseen and undisturbed. It can be anywhere, anytime, but something constant in your life. Of course, God is ever present, and we can chat to him at any point during our day. It is also helpful, however, to have your special place for prayer. If you haven’t got one, find one.

Instead of “closet” the 2011 New International version uses “inner room”. The Amplified says “private room”. The MESSAGE rendition puts it this way, “find a quiet, secluded place”.

Don’t let your quiet space be the least used part of your life.

Keep yourself, and your prayers, warm.

Compassionate Father, thank you that I can turn to you in prayer at any point of the day, and help me remember to find that quiet space where we can talk without distractions and interruptions. In Jesus’ name.

Study by James Henderson 

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