19th January 2011

What’s Your Bent?

“Train up a child in the way he should go (and in keeping with his individual gift or bent), and when he is old he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6 (AMP)

Every year new babies are born and parents have to decide how to direct them.

We all grow up with a certain bent or gift, and it is up to parents to discover it and set their child on the right path. Thankfully, mine did.

My parents could see my sister had a bent for teaching, so they sent her to Teachers’ Training College. She is still teaching, though she is past retirement. She loves it so, and the school doesn’t want to let her go.

My brother was sent to a private school, as my parents felt he might not pass the grammar school entrance exam. It was the best thing they could have done for him. As well as enabling him to get a job he loved, he was introduced to rugby, which became a passion for him, and he continued to play until his death. When he died, they named the clubhouse bar after him.

My parents sent me to a secretarial college and, although I wasn’t too happy at the time, I came to know it was absolutely the right direction for me. When I was forty, I realised how right they were and what they had done for me, so I sent them some flowers and a card thanking them. I was amazed at their response—they were overwhelmed and told all their friends and relatives, who later reminded me of what I had done, every time we met.

Childhood inclinations give a clue as to future abilities, and you can probably see this in looking back at your own life. The Bible shows this too, especially in the lives of Joseph and David. So study your children. What are their strengths? What do they find easy? What do they like doing? Then give them the freedom to follow their God-given abilities.

Thank you Father, for giving me parents who chose the right path for me. Please help all parents to see the best direction for their children and how they can help them follow their God-given identities.

Study by Jill Newman 

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