9th December 2010

His Family Has Been Informed…

“…I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named,.”
Ephesians 3:15 (KJV)

Recently, a day one family will never forget: 

Remembrance Sunday is past for another year but for one home ‘The Day’ will have a double and tragic meaning: ‘His family has been informed’.  Ranger Aaron McCormick, 22, from Macosquin in Co Londonderry, and of First Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment, was caught in a blast while out on patrol in the Nad’e Ali area of Helmand province.

Can you just imagine the emotions of his nearest and dearest? Terrible enough at any time but on that of all days…Maybe they were in Church or at a war memorial at the time?

So the National News continues. ‘His family has been informed’—day after day, it too often seems. I appreciate this is done to reassure those families with loved ones who have heard someone has been killed, but haven’t had that dreaded knock at the door or awful telephone call. It wasn’t their son…That time…

We are indeed one family here on planet Earth. The inhabitants mostly do not know that their earthly family has indeed been informed. Informed of what?

Of the GOOD news of what ‘on earth’ God has done—the news of Life, not just here and now but forever and ever. We walk on this good earth mostly not realising the minefield that it is and the Rescue Plan that is in place. The whole Family on Earth—named after the Father and Jesus Christ (and by the power and personality of the Holy Spirit)—has been informed and rescued.

It is just that most do not realise it yet. Aaron McCormick was only 22. His life cruelly cut short, and his close family’s life changed forever in this life. Yet he will live again. If they are unaware at present, his family will be informed of the wonderful reunion to come.

Tears will then be turned to joy. God speed that day…

Wonderful Father, we love to be your Children. Thank you so much for informing us that we are destined for life in your Family. We know we don’t deserve it but we know it is only by Your Grace and deep desire to have us beside you. Thank you again so much.

Study by Tony Goudie 

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