November 10th 2010

Create In Me A Clean Heart

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”
Psalm 51:10 (NIV)

As I clean the bathroom I sometimes find a bar of soap that has become water logged; falling apart, shapeless, gooey and drippy. As I pick it up I think to myself ‘Urgh! What a horrible mess, I’d better throw it away, it’s no use to anyone’.

When God looks at us he sees a mess, picks us up in his hands and says “Urgh! What a horrible mess.” In contrast to my thoughts on the soap, however, God adds: “I’d better give them to my Son; He will make them of use to all they come in contact with.”

Before we were called and chosen, my messy soap is what our lives were like. As God picked us up from the mess we made of our lives, he cleaned us up and made us to be useful again.

Dear Father, as David prayed so many years ago, “blot out all my iniquity” (Psalm 51:9). Thank you that in Christ I am made useful in your holy plan for the entire world. In your Son’s name “my mouth will declare your praise” (Psalm 51:15).

Study by Rosemary Gent 

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