October 11th 2010

It Is What It Is

“The grass withers, the flowers fall, but the Word of our God stands forever.”
Isaiah 40.8 (NIV)

There are of course many belief systems on this planet, ranging from atheism and humanism to those who tragically drank cyanide in Jonestown, Guyana 30 years ago.  So how do we know that Christianity is the One True Belief?

We really can’t prove it to others because proof to one is not proof to another.  Answered prayer, physical healing, miracles, and even the unbelievably complex and impossible odds of creation can all be conveniently explained away as pure chance by some.  Of course, respect must be accorded to those of a different persuasion; but for Christians there is no doubt that this is the ‘Real McCoy’.

It is true that there isn’t total accord within the Christian community about even some basic doctrines.  We all believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and that His Death and Resurrection are paramount to our future; yet within our ‘sub’ doctrines there is still dispute amongst fellowships and denominations (even more than some scientists in their universal belief system interestingly).

12 letters can be of great comfort:  ‘It is what it is’.

Which means?
Which means that whatever God’s nature, whatever His covenants, whatever His plans…. ‘It is what it is’.  Hopefully we get the point!  Psalm 119:89 (KJV) says, “For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.”

This is encouraging.  All our arguments and discussion, all our hopes, our dreams and plans are subservient to the Great Plan and the Great Hope that  our Father in Heaven (through Jesus Christ) has in mind for humanity.  This glorious reality has to be way past our human understanding, except in its brilliant outline.

However, obviously it is good that we discuss and consider things:  Proverbs 25.2 tells us that, ‘To search out a matter is the glory of kings’, and like the Bereans in Acts, we ‘should receive the Word with all readiness of mind, and search the scriptures daily whether those things are so’ (17:11).

But still ‘It is what it is’! So let us thank God for that.

Thank you Father for being you, and for providing so great a future for your beloved Creation. We trust you that nothing will change your fabulous plan for all mankind who are willing to follow you.

Study by Tony Goudie

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