September 6th 2010

The Deepest Hunger

“When you open your hand, you satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing.”
Psalms 145:16 (NLT)

Sometimes I feel a hunger from somewhere deep within that cries out. My mind tries to ignore it but I can only keep it silent for so long. Inevitably it surfaces and comes to the light.

I am speaking of the longing within each of us that desires to go deeper, the cry for fulfilment, that we so desperately try to fill with other things. I know I want more of God but for some reason this cry tends to scare me away, as if this cry would require something more of me, something that I would not be able to give. A fear that if I let it surface it would somehow show the desperate side of me. It would show a vulnerability that would reveal my need for dependency on something or someone greater then myself. David had a hunger for God that could not be expressed in mere words. He wrote Psalm after Psalm and still he did not explain what he was trying to say.

I think we all experience this feeling from time to time. In Acts 17:27, it says “His purpose was for nations to seek after God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him—though he is not far from any one of us.” God is the one that created us with this longing for Him in the first place. He draws us and that is when we feel the hunger. Many times we will have a short quiet time, or pray a prayer, but we never really take the time to seek after Him. We struggle for a few minutes to hear His voice and then we give up. We are too busy to stay for long but if we could only see how close we were. Were we really expecting to hear anything at all? If so, would we have not listened as if our lives depended on it?

This hunger is designed to be satisfied and the only thing that can satisfy it is our Creator. The only way it can be filled is by spending time with Him. If it is a deeper hunger, it may require more time with Him. We all live busy lives but what is our first priority? Are we willing to do what it takes to know Him more? How willing are you? What if He asks for more then just an hour in the morning? What if He asks for two or maybe your lunch hour at work? What if He asks you to go overseas and live with a people who have never heard the gospel before?

Are we willing to give our thoughts, our time, and our lives to Christ? Without a doubt it will be worth it. The reward will be great and many may come to know Him because you do.

Father, give me the persistence to seek after you with all my heart. You promise to meet us when we draw near to you. I choose to draw to you today.

Study by Fraser Murdoch

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