June 26th 2010

Keep On Walking

4th in a series based on 3 John

“…you continue to walk in the truth…”

3 John 3 (NIV)

For John it mattered greatly that believers continued to walk in the truth.

He knew that, if they didn’t, their lives would not be full of the peace of Christ, and they could become mixed up and confused and perhaps could reject their faith. Also, they could lead others away from the Lord and bring the gospel into disrepute. Therefore to continue to walk in the truth was crucial.

We are all human, and we can easily begin things that we don’t continue or finish. For example, how many diets have begun, only to end up being abandoned after a few days? In life we get distracted from our commitments and stray off the path, or we just get weary.

Continuing to walk in the truth involves letting Jesus, who is the truth, guide us every step of the way. It involves following him and clinging to his words of life.

It is interesting that John, and other writers like Paul, did not talk about running in the truth. It’s not an exhausting pace in some marathon competition. Rather we are to keep on walking with determination, with purpose in our spiritual step.

Some days we may be tempted to put our feet up and forget the Christian walk. It may seem too hard to go on. We feel tired. Jesus knew that feeling. He was sometimes weary. But for us He pressed on and walked the path to Calvary. That same Jesus is with us now, and he’ll help us get up when we get weary. With Him we can persevere. In fact with Him, some days, we can walk on water!

Keep on walking in the truth.

Loving Father, help me to continue to walk in the truth and not to be distracted from following the footsteps of Jesus. In his name.

Study by James Henderson 

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