2nd October 2020

Let Go 

“Let my son go that he may serve me.”
Exodus 4:23 (ESVUK)

Ours is a story of freedom.

When Moses petitioned Pharoah to let the people go, Pharoah made life harder for the Israelites. Perhaps we feel that idea sometimes: whenever we want to be let go in order to worship God through a spirit of service to him, life gets more difficult or tasks get in the way. The Israelites were certainly task-driven more than relationship-driven. Of course, it was not all their fault. The Egyptian slave-drivers policed their hard labour and gave them little room to manoeuvre. I wonder, however, had their situation been different, would the Israelites still have been caught up in a task-driven culture, thinking of all the things they wanted to do or complete before participating in their relationship with God, their Redeemer? It’s only human, isn’t it? To crowd God out through the things we want to do? Sometimes, we have to let ourselves go and relax in God’s presence.

In the passage above Israel is regarded as God’s son, and, by analogy, the church, the spiritual Israel, needs to be freed from bondage, often of our own making. This is a theme in Christ’s ministry and also in Paul’s writings. We are collectively and individually God’s children who are called out of bondage to a life of freedom in Christ.

Take the time out. Find the time and the space for a relationship with God. Let yourself go to worship him.

Father, in the business of my life, which is full of tasks and things I want to do, I forget to relax in my relationship with you through your Son, Jesus. Please guide me through your Spirit to let myself go, so to speak, that I may spend time with you. In Jesus

Study by James Henderson


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James Henderson is the Ministry Superintendent for Grace Communion International in Europe.

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