18th June 2020

Vaccination Against Racial Hatred

“Does God’s Spirit live in you? If he does, then you are not living the way the body wants, but you are living the way the Spirit wants. If anyone does not have Christ’s Spirit, he does not belong to Christ.”
Romans 8:9 (WE)

There is a curious parallel between the pandemic spread of the current coronavirus from a single source, leading to worldwide infection—and the spread of anti-racism anger from a single event in Minneapolis to worldwide demonstrations. A vaccine against COVID-19 is still being sought. But a vaccine to self-inoculate any individual against the deadly effects of racism is already available.

This vaccine costs nothing, is available to all and does not need governments “to do something.” It consists of two powerful ingredients: 1) love your neighbour as you love yourself (Mark 12:31); and 2) do good to those who trouble you. (Matthew 5:44) This is not easy but can be accomplished using an injection—Christ in us as in the Header scripture. This vaccine’s simple recipe has existed for millennia. Yet surprisingly few have had the audacity to put this ancient wisdom into action.

In a pandemic, the ‘R’ number is a valuable guide to the rate of spread of a virus. Once contagion from an infected person affects fewer than one other person, then the onward transmission of the virus will diminish and eventually peter out. In this case, ‘R’ is less than ‘1’.

For racial hatred to diminish and peter out, the ‘R’ number for the transmission of outgoing concern towards others has, in contrast, to exceed ‘1’. In this way, love of neighbour as oneself—and charitable acts towards our enemies—also have the potential to spread worldwide. This time, however, with positive benefits replacing the anger and destruction which is being reported daily in our newspapers and on our TV screens.

Father in Heaven, innoculate us against racial hatred through your Holy Spirit. With Christ in us, we can learn to love our neighbour as ourselves and do good to those who trouble us. In Jesus’ name.

Study by Alan King

About the Author:
Alan King attends the Bournemouth Congregation of Grace Communion International, UK.

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Grace Communion Bournemouth
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Every other Saturday 11am

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One Response to “18th June 2020”

  1. John Rodgers on June 18th, 2020 7:11 pm

    Hello Alan. Thank you for your day by day. It is interesting how you used the letter R to get your point across. There is also another R which is necessary to enable your points to be successful. You said that the vaccine is free but the extra R is not free. May be this is why it is never used nowadays . By now you will have guessed what the R is. Repentance can be very costly but it makes all that you mentioned possible. God bless
    From John

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