3rd February 2020

God – the Ultimate Exponent of Delegation

“And God said to them (Adam and Eve)…have dominion over…every living thing that moves upon the earth…”
Genesis 1:28-29 (ESV)

There is a story of a man who was delegated considerable power and authority by his employer, but through a foolish error, cost his employer a colossal amount of money. Realising that he could not cover up his mistake or repay the amount lost, he went humbly to his employer, confessing his error, and said “I suppose you’re now going to fire me?” “Fire you?” replied the employer, “Why you’re the only employee in my entire company who can be relied upon never to make that mistake again! Your education has cost me a fortune! Why would I fire you now?” The fact is, whenever you delegate, you are basically giving a person the power to make mistakes at your expense, and the reality is that they probably will. The hope is that they will learn from their mistakes. Weak managers may delegate a job, but not the power and authority needed to do it. That is an unfair cop-out, and it is not real delegation at all.

Effective delegation is widely considered to be the ultimate management skill. It is not surprising then that God is the ultimate exponent of delegation. Of course God knew all this when He delegated powers to Adam. In fact, delegating was one of the very first things God did, in Genesis 1:28-29. God then immediately got Adam to start using his newly-given powers in Genesis 2:19-20. Like all good delegators, God had set out the parameters clearly in Genesis 2:16-17. However, Adam was not given the right to determine or define good and evil for himself. But as we know, Adam and Eve breached those parameters and thereafter they and all their descendants have made a complete mess of the responsibilities they were given. In the Bible the ways of evil are called sin, and every human who has ever existed must, in his or her life, witness and experience the results and effects of sin – both their own sin and that of others. Everyone, at the time God appoints, will have to confront what the ultimate cost has been. The cost is, of course terrible. God’s beautiful planet Earth has been ravaged, polluted, devastated and plagued by war, disease, famine and death. But worst of all, it resulted in the death of the Employer’s only Son, Jesus Christ.

The awesome thing is that God knew in advance what would be the cost of delegating power and free moral agency to mankind. And Jesus Himself knew also that only through His sacrifice could human beings ever be given the opportunity to repent and be redeemed of their errors and so avoid being “fired” (an interesting term in this context). Those who reject the offer of redemption, who persist in their evil ways, while blaming circumstances, other people, or even God, for their part in the mess caused by sin, will have learned nothing from the process, and therefore God will have no sensible option but to fire them! God’s earnest wish is not to have to fire anyone – in fact His desire is to “promote” us to eternal life! The enormous cost of redemption has already been paid. It just requires each individual to confess, repent and accept with deepest gratitude, the mercy and forgiveness of God in releasing us from the debt we have incurred. Then seeking the wonderful future God has mapped out for those who learn from the process, to honestly submit to His will, and to rejoice with thanksgiving for the salvation only made possible by the sacrifice of the Son of God. Naturally such a person will also want to be about his Master’s business with renewed commitment.

Father in Heaven, thank you for your wonderful mercy, that in spite of our terrible mistakes, weaknesses, failings and sins, you are willing to accept our confessions and our repentance as we acknowledge, accept and truly appreciate the enormous cost of releasing us from our debt of sin, through the sacrifice of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour. We pray for the Holy Spirit now to establish us in love, faithfulness and thanksgiving in response to your mercy and forgiveness which we can never deserve or repay. In Jesus Christ’s name.

Study by Richard Whiting

About the Author:
Richard Whiting is a retired Elder of the Worldwide Church of God UK living in Dumfries, South West Scotland. Richard served as an Elder in the Sheffield congregation for 25 years before retiring and moving to Dumfries, where he attends a local congregation.

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