25th December 2019

How Silently, How Silently the Wondrous Gift is Given

“He told them another parable. ‘The kingdom of heaven is like leaven that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour, till it was all leavened.’”
Matthew 13:33 (ESV)

Surely one of the most important events to happen on our earth was the birth of the Son of God. You would have thought that God would have made sure we all knew about it. If it had happened today there could be messages on Facebook and Twitter and all the other social media. In seconds the news could go viral. Angels could be in touch with the papers. The next day there could be screaming headlines on the front pages in bold large black: ‘Messiah in a Manger’, ‘God-baby in Bethlehem’ – or something like that.

But no, the announcement was given to just a few shepherds. We don’t know how many but you don’t need dozens of shepherds to guard the sheep-fold at night. We may think of them rather like farmers today, who have a respected place in our society, yet in those days shepherds were considered to be a bunch of liars and not to be trusted. So would we have chosen them to be the first people to view the newborn King and be given the responsibility of passing on the good news? I think the answer to that is a definite ‘No.’

God certainly does things differently from the way we would. Rather than a great stunning announcement to the world that would make us sit up and take notice, he injected the good news quite quietly. Jesus would later liken the work of God to leavening bread, a process that takes place slowly, silently, but inexorably. From the shepherds onwards, the news has spread to all the corners of the world. He used a bunch of nobodies to start the process. He shows us that he will use all kinds of people, to go all kinds of places, to establish all kinds of churches, for his glory.

Father, our thanks to you that you have chosen us to join with you in sharing the good news of the coming of your Son to our world, and that your work is unstoppable till the earth is full of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.

Study by Hilary Buck

About the Author:
Hilary Buck pastors Grace Communion in Lewes.
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