22nd July 2019


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”
Genesis 1:1 (NLT)

As we celebrate fifty years from the first man on the moon, I have just realised that fifty-one years ago on the 24th of December 1968, one of the astronauts aboard the Apollo 8 mission read from the book of Genesis on live TV as they orbited the moon. This three man crew consisted of Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders. They did something else that was amazing and very special, they took a photo of what became known as “Earthrise”; this was the first time that a photo showing our beautiful blue and white planet rising above the bleak, grey lunar surface; 240,000 miles in the distance and in stark contrast to the black void of space. Borman closed the broadcast by saying, “And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas and God bless all of you on the good earth!” They went into space to explore potential landing sites on the lunar surface but as Bill Anders was fond of saying; “We came to explore the Moon and what we discovered was the Earth!”

Sometimes in life we do set out to do something, to experience something but instead we experience something much more beautiful. For example as we read the creation story we come to the creation of Adam and Eve and it says; “So God created people in his own image, God patterned them after himself; male and female he created them” (Verse 27).

You’ll notice that God made both man and woman in his image. Neither man nor woman was created more in the image of God than other. From the beginning, the Bible places both man and woman at the pinnacle of God’s creation; yet neither sex is exalted and neither is depreciated!

Now that’s a beautiful thought—men and women complement each other, that was the plan, for both to help, serve, love and assist the other, especially in a marriage relationship. Both sexes have strengths and weaknesses that complement the other, living together in the harmony that love brings; as Peter Ustinov once said, “Love is a lifetime of forgiveness; a tender look that becomes a habit!” I guess that’s why the apostle Paul makes the point and as usual hits the nail squarely on the head, he writes; “…you husbands should try to understand the wives you live with, honouring them as physically weaker yet equally heirs with you of the grace of life “ (1Peter 3:7 Phillips). Isn’t that great?

Father, help us as we journey through life to be humble and loving enough to cherish and serve each other with great joy and thankfulness.

Study by Cliff Neill

About the Author:
Cliff Neill is an Elder in Grace Communion Church Luton.

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Grace Communion Church Luton
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