21st July 2019

Jesus Brings it into Focus

“I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand. I and the Father are one.”
John 10:28-30 (NIV UK)

A macro lens is a powerful tool used to bring focus to an object. Colours become more vivid, lines are sharper, and an intricate beauty is brought out which the naked eye cannot see. You are looking at the same object, but it’s as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

In some ways Jesus was like a macro lens as he redefined and reframed our ideas about God and his kingdom. Throughout the book of John, we find Jesus using a macro lens to bring kingdom realities into focus.

For example, Jesus is at the Feast of Dedication, when he’s asked, ‘Tell us, are you the Messiah or not?’ Jesus responds with a macro lens revealing more than they imagined. “I did tell you, but you do not believe. The works I do in my Father’s name testify about me, but you do not believe because you are not my sheep. My sheep listen to my voice, I know them and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish…” (John 10:25-28).

Jesus is making it very clear that he is the Son of God, the Messiah who came to save, but that he also needs us to hear him. Most are not listening or asking the right questions. Who else can give eternal life? Who else can promise that his followers will not perish?

Jesus goes on to add a different lens to the picture (verses 29 and 30—see above). Not only is he telling them that he is the Son of the Father, but he’s also giving a clearer understanding of God’s love. It is eternal, it cannot be snatched away.

This is what Jesus does, he brings things into a clearer focus, he gives a more detailed picture. I can recall multiple occasions when Jesus through his Spirit has added a new lens to my own optics. Jesus called people to see old things in a new way. What is Jesus bringing into focus for you today? Where is he drawing your attention to a freedom, joy, beauty, and depth you haven’t seen before? What is he bringing into your focus?

Holy Father, we see only through a glass darkly at times, and we rely on you bringing to our attention, giving us your focus on, what is important for us. We ask that you will sharpen that focus. In Jesus’ name we pray.

Presented by Heber Ticas

About the Presenter:
The Day by Day each Sunday is taken from ‘Speaking of Life,’ ( https://www.gci.org/videos/media-speaking-of-life/), a public resource video on the USA website of Grace Communion International. Heber Ticas is an Elder in Grace Communion International and is the Superintend of the Churches in Latin America. He also serves as the National Coordinator for Church Multiplication in the United States.

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