24th June 2019

Will You Stand on Judgment Day?

“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”
Luke 12:32 (ESV)

The final Day of Judgment before God! An event that even some Christians fear. But why would we fear that profound event? For one reason – we all sin (Romans 3:23).

How often do you sin? Occasionally? Some days? Most days? Every day? As we are reminded, sin brings forth death (James 1:15), and as humans, we are sinful by nature. Can we then stand before God and tell Him about all the good things we have done in our lives? How important we were in society, how much charitable work we did? How highly qualified we are? How much leadership we exercised? No – none of this will gain us entrance into the Kingdom of God because we are still sinners and God cannot dwell with sin (Psalm 5:4).

God Himself in Christ alone has solved this universal human problem. Jesus took all of our sins on Himself as very God and Man, when He died for us. As God and Man, only His sacrifice could cover and remove all human sin – all, for ever, for every human being who accepts Him as Saviour.

When you stand on the Judgment day, as a faithful Christian, you will stand in Christ through the Holy Spirit. Because of that, and only that, God our Father will be pleased to give you (and all in Christ) His Eternal Kingdom in everlasting fellowship with our triune God.

Thank you, our loving Father, that you have provided the way into your Kingdom for all humanity through our Lord Jesus Christ. In His name we pray.

Study by Clifford Marsh

About the Author:
Clifford Marsh attends Grace Communion in Lewes.
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