15th February 2019

Let There be Light

“Then the righteous will shine like the sun in their Father’s Kingdom. Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand!”
Matthew 13:43 (NLT)

In a sermon C.S. Lewis once commented that if we were to meet our future redeemed selves, we would either run away in fear or fall down at their feet and try to worship them. Sometimes it is easy to forget how great the hope we have in Jesus is. We live in a world that has been so dominated by sin for so long, that a world without sin would be unrecognisable to us. We would not even recognise ourselves!

This verse reminds us that we who are called to be in God’s kingdom are to one day shine like the sun, with a brilliance that lights up the world and banishes darkness. Sometimes though I feel more like a flickering candle than the roaring furnace that is the sun.

The world will not stay in sin forever. Through Christ’s death and resurrection, the victory has been won, and the kingdom of Heaven has drawn near. Our transformation has begun, and through the work of the Spirit we are being changed into the likeness of Christ.

Our hope does not lie in our own light, but in Christ. It is through his righteousness, in which we participate through him, that we will shine like the sun. It is through his power and strength that we will achieve the glory we were born for. No matter how dark this world may seem at times, we can take comfort that we worship the one who separated the light from the darkness.

Let there be light.

Our Father in heaven,
renew us through the light you sent into this world, the light of your Son Jesus Christ, so that through his righteousness we can shine like the sun and banish the darkness in our lives. To you be the glory forever and ever.

Study by Gavin Henderson


About the Author:
Gavin Henderson is an Elder and the Operations Manager of the National Ministry Team for Grace Communion International in the UK and Ireland.

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