9th February 2019

My Father Found Me 

“For in You the fatherless finds mercy.”
Hosea 14:3 (NKJV)

I was 58 years old the first time I spoke to my father. A search which began 8 or 9 years before at Canada House in Trafalgar Square London, ended at a small town near the St Lawrence river in Canada. After years of searching, the trail seemed to peter out, and I concluded my dad must have died. How astonishing it was, one Saturday evening, to receive a phone call from my Aunt in Canada. “Douglas,” she said, “I’ve just spoken to your father.” I don’t think I could ever convey the turmoil of emotions of that moment: shock, confusion, joy, questions…above all, would he want to meet me?

Thinking back now on that day, put me in mind of another momentous day 35 years earlier. It was the day another ‘Father’ had entered my life. This was so different. I hadn’t sought Him at all. I was travelling my own self-centred road, not giving Him a second thought. I was encouraged to read the Bible for the first time and there He was, assuring me of His love, showing me He’d been there all along.

At last, I had a Father. The tear stains are still there on the pages of the old Bible I used to read back then. God said He loved me! I could hardly believe it. And, unlike the long search for my human father, I didn’t find Him, He found me. He sought me out and said, “I will be a father to you. I sent My Son to live a perfect life in place of your messed up life. He gave His life for you. Just believe that I love you, that you’re My son too.” Yes, my Father found me, and He seeks the fatherless, the needy, the lost, the hurting. As He says in Psalm 68:5, He is a father to the fatherless, a defender of widows.

If you are feeling lost or empty, then He is seeking you to love and cherish as well. Through Jesus, the Father seeks a relationship with you. He seeks a response from you. When my Heavenly Father found me, I found purpose, hope and life. Its not just for me, it’s for all. The best thing you can do is say “Father, here I am.”

Father, thank you for Jesus, who through sacrificing Himself opened the door into your loving presence, for in you the fatherless finds mercy.

Study by Doug Bass


About the Author:
Doug Bass is a member of Grace Communion International.

Local Congregation:
GCI Coulsdon Community Church
Coulsdon Community Church
Coulsdon Community Centre
Barrie Close
Chipstead Valley Road

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Sunday 11am

Local Congregational Contact:
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Email: coulsdon@gracecom.church

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