22nd December 2018

What – You Think You Can Stop God?

“The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against his Anointed…”
Psalm 2:2 (ESV UK)

God didn’t provide a world-wakening trumpet blast to announce the arrival of his Son into our world. Only two small groups received the exclusive invitations to see the baby, and a third had the chance to go as well, but together they can be seen to represent our world.

First to be invited were the shepherds, brought out of their fields to the Christ child on the day of his birth – representatives of the ruled, the poor and the powerless in the world.

Later the Magi rolled into Jerusalem, their baggage trains, servants and camels causing quite a stir in the city. They are thought to be Zoroastrian astrologers, so they stand in for the religious class, and the Gentile nations and the world’s pagans.

Their astronomy could only get them so far and they needed Biblical guidance to complete their journey.  The whole of Jerusalem city was rocked by their arrival and their enquiries soon came to Herod’s attention. Herod was Arab by birth, but supposedly a practicing Jew. So now he had the chance to have the honour to go and kneel before the King of Kings on behalf all the rulers of the world. He said that’s what he wanted to do. Instead he plotted to have the baby killed. Warned by God in a dream, Joseph fled with his family to Egypt. Thwarted in his plan, Herod hit back and had all the babies under two in the village murdered. As so often, the innocent suffer from the perverted plans of the powerful. Not long after this Herod died.

Herod had murdered his wife, her brother, her grandfather, and her mother, and three sons but he couldn’t kill the Son of God. Psalm 2 goes on to say that God laughs at the opposition of the rulers of this world and he holds them in derision. Really, you can’t set yourself up against God.

Our Father, we know the destruction and misery that our rulers can bring on us, but against you they are powerless. You will let nothing stand in the way of the coming reign of your anointed Son.

Study by Hilary Buck


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