12 December 2018

The Gift Of Obedience

“Make promises to the Lord your God and keep them! Let all around him bring gifts to the awesome one.”
Psalm 76:11 (CEB)

Obey – now that’s a word with a bad press. Our normal human reaction is probably to bristle at someone who demands obedience from us. How many of us in childhood have been subjected to demands for obedience, and when we have inevitably asked “Why?”, have been told by a parent who’s had enough: “It’s because I say so.” ‘Obey’ may also conjure up images of sergeant-majors barking out orders to new recruits till they learn instant and unquestioning compliance. Or what about a Dalek from Dr Who barking out ‘obey or die’ at the humans in the TV series?

And maybe when we hear the word, we think of God who has called us to obey. The Bible is full of the imperatives of obedience.  But is God like a getting-to-the-end-of-my-tether parent who wants obedience without any explanation; or like a sergeant-major drilling soldiers to come to attention and behave as he wants; or a Dalek who will exterminate us if we don’t comply?

God doesn’t want obedience just for its own sake. When we read of how we are to be and how we should live, we start to understand who God is and how he lives. The Spirit will bring us the mind and strength of Jesus Christ so that we are able to comply, fulfilling the law that is summed by love. There’s a lot in the scriptures about the gifts God gives to us, but through our obedience we can offer back to God the gift of his own love. As Jesus’ obedience became the way the love of God was returned to his Father so – in a limited way – can ours.

Father, may we, through the power of Christ, offer our love to you, reflected in how we live, our obedience as a gift.

Study by Hilary Buck


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