8th June 2018

Praying When All Seems Clear 

“After this, David consulted the Lord, asking, ‘Shall I go to one of the cities of Judah?’ The Lord responded to him, ‘Go up.’
2 Samuel 2:1 (MEV)

At the beginning of 2 Samuel David reaches a dramatic moment in his life. David was distraught due to the deaths of Saul and Jonathan, and was wondering what to do next.

If we think it though, in one way David was in an enviable position. The defeat of Saul had changed David’s situation completely. Abner, the commander of Saul’s army, was occupied elsewhere. The Philistines were unlikely to get in his way as he was, in theory, subject to them. The coast was clear for him to enter any of the cities of Judah. It wouldn’t have been a difficult decision for him to make by himself.

God, of course, gives us free will and allows us to make decisions within that freedom. Sometimes we can get confused because there appear to be so many options. Probably, we tend to pray when a path of action seems blocked in some way or when things may be going wrong. But do we involve God in our life through prayer when there are no immediate difficulties and all seems well?

With the scripture above, what happened next may have been what David was thinking of doing anyway, but he talked to God about it. A lesson we can learn from David’s life is to pray in good times and in bad.

Even when things are good, let’s go to God in prayer.

Thank you, Father, for the lessons we learn in the Bible, and help me to pray to you when life is good and not just when I have problems. In Jesus
’ name.

Study by James Henderson


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