29th September 2017

The Bright Morning Star 

“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.
Revelation 22:16 (NIVUK)

Re-focus on Jesus is the message that the apostle John gave to Christians who lived in an age of uncertainty.

God inspired John to stress the supremacy of Jesus Christ, not just in our lives, but also in everything. It is Jesus whose shed blood has saved us and whose Spirit brings stability into our lives. What John had to say was against a background of confusing religious practices and beliefs. The prevailing pagan culture interpreted both personal destiny and world events through the activity of their gods, whereas the Jews saw them in terms of mysticism and angelology, speculating about the activity of angels and of Satan. John explained that Jesus must be the centre of the Christian’s spirituality — not myths or demons or angels or some concept of fate.

John’s naming of Jesus as the bright Morning Star is significant. In pagan thought the heavens were sometimes regarded as the battleground of the gods who were like stars in the sky, and in the Hebrew tradition angels were called “the morning stars” (Job 38:7). Jesus, in comparison, is not just a star like all the others, rather he is the one and only bright Morning Star whose glorious light chases away the darkness of ignorance. Jesus fulfils the stellar messianic prophecies (Numbers 24:17, Isaiah 60:1, Malachi 4:2), and he is the Morning Star that rises in Christian hearts (2 Peter 1:19). In good times and in bad we look to him.

Nowadays believers might seek re-assurance in different ways just as they did when the book of Revelation was written. Perhaps if we knew which days to observe and how, had a framework of prophecy in mind so that we might understand world news, followed how Satan works so that we might avoid his traps, really knew what plan God had in store for us personally, if only we worshipped the right way, then we could find more peace of mind. These may seem like bright ideas to us, but are they?

I think the apostle John would tell us to re-focus our thoughts. The Christian identity is not in any of those things: look rather to Jesus who is, and was, and is to come the bright Morning Star. 

Eternal Father, thank you for the glory that is your son, Jesus, who is the bright Morning Star. I pray that the Spirit will guide me always to turn to the Jesus, that his light may comfort me and be my hope and assurance. In Jesus’ name.

Study by James Henderson


About the Author:
James Henderson is the National Ministry Leader for Grace Communion International in the UK and Ireland.

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One Response to “29th September 2017”

  1. Ian Woodley on September 29th, 2017 10:49 am

    Thank you James – a great message that has wonderful resonance for today. We have such confusing religious practices and beliefs in our culture today. To hear “re-focus on Jesus” reminds me how to deal with such confusion!

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