July 8th 2009

In The Waiting Lounge

“So you must also be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”
Matthew 24:44 (NIV)

I find myself in an airport waiting for my flight home with lots of time on my hands, before I can check in. But I’m well prepared-a previous job which involved much travel taught me always to be ready for long delays. I have books to read, notes to make and, of course, an opportunity to check out any bargains in duty free.

A life in Jesus Christ can sometimes be viewed as being in God’s waiting lounge. Christians wait patiently while we yearn for the return of the King of kings, when the fullness of his reign will be received.

But God’s waiting lounge is not a place of boredom with nothing to do. Instead, there is plenty for us to consider.

In the parable of the sheep and goats (Matthew 25), we find that God’s people had been very busy. They had fed the hungry, welcomed the stranger, visited the sick and prisoners, and clothed the less fortunate.

Our Christian lives are not to be seen as a time of “keeping our heads down and our noses clean” while we wait for the “big” moment of Jesus second appearing.

In fact, big moments in the work of Christ happen every day, as we get the chance to bring his love, grace and mercy to all in need.

Dear Father, open my eyes to see those who are in need.
Fill me with courage every day to be ready to answer their prayer of help in times of trouble.

Study by Ian Woodley

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